Am I really the largest beard in real estate?

...Or am I just really good at real estate marketing and real estate guidance?

  I would like to say it is a combination of both. I have been writing real estate articles for buyers and sellers (trying to finish a couple books too) along with helping them buy and sell homes over the past couple years. My reach has expanded greatly due to going above and beyond for my home sellers and home buyers. It also helps that my own images and video creations get great traction through social media such as GooglePlus, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

   Home sellers see the power of my marketing when they see that their home’s images and videos show up higher in the search results. It also helps that their home usually holds the longest spot in the number one position on Google Videos,, and because of this too!

In less than two days of the page being live, I was able to create buzz for the keyword “largest beard in real estate”. A keyword is a term that a person types into a search engine, in which results follow; websites, images, and videos that are the most optimized for that keyword. Different websites have different keywords (as well as the title, images, videos, links, and content), depending on what they want to come up for in search results.

Being among the top search results for “largest beard in real estate” helps to create an instant trusting relationship between prospective clients and myself. It doesn’t hurt that many people who visit the site already know I am the largest beard in real estate. It is a combination of a large beard, continuous studies and practices of real estate, social media marketing, online marketing, and writing real estate articles about buying and selling homes.

For an extra dose of trust, you can see my home seller and home buyer reviews at many websites (you can just Google my name, Steven Vertz too); including these links:

Facebook Reviews: Reviews: my name (review at bottom right) Reviews:


When I tell people that I am the largest beard in real estate, they are sometimes skeptical but when they type those four simple words into Google, my page is there! Sure there is that other guy, but he cut off a little too much recently.

It can be easy to tell people about your line of business or website, but when they search you, can you be easily discovered?

Many real estate agents and Realtors can help you buy and sell a home, but it goes much beyond that. Home sellers need to find an agent that does more than put your home on the MLS, put up a sign, maybe doing an open house (does more for the agent than the seller), and wait. You have to have a Realtor that does all these very basic things, but they also have to be able to guide the exposure of your home through various online marketing practices and social media channels.  Here I am folks :-)


Other Realtors can have great websites, but I often see that SEO tactics and social media channels are not implemented like they were in the development of the largest beard in real estate page. Because of this, these great homes do not get as many eyes as they deserve. Various forms of marketing can be expensive and it is important that you find a Realtor who incorporates SEO and social media marketing into the creation of your home’s marketing package.  Otherwise…it’s just like wasting your own time and money.

Like I said, the largest beard in real estate page had a first page Google ranking in less than two weeks, and it should be able to maintain its ranking. This does depend on the way Google and other search engines change their algorithms; along with the SEO attributed to each page. We work our best to provide our clients with timely, dependable, and overall satisfying service.

Keep in mind that when you work with the largest beard in real estate, you get much more than just one man. There is always an entire team that works in the background with the largest beard in real estate. This often includes other Realtors, lenders, vendors (home inspectors, foundation inspectors, well and septic inspectors, home builders, electricians, plumbers, roofers, contractors, and other handymen), title companies, etc.

The largest beard in real estate takes pride in being there for clients more than other Realtors in the business. He is only a phone call or text away. While this may seem the norm, some Realtors and lenders can take a very long time to get back to you; this can work against you. You need the largest beard in real estate and his connections to make sure you get things done in a timely manner!

the largest beard in real estate, I ensure that you are properly taken care of.

Do you want a higher Google ranking and more social media exposure for home when it comes time to sell?

Do you want to experience the best real estate guidance around while trying to buy or sell a home?

Let me know and I will help make it happen.

~ Steven “RedBeard” Vertz, the Largest Beard in Real Estate